Asset allocation update: warning lights are flashing Multi-asset | October 2021


After 18 months of exceptionally strong equity markets, most measures of valuations look high against their own absolute histories.

Asset allocation update: standing pat


Maya Bhandari looks at how the team has managed its asset allocations over the past couple of months and where they believe the best risk-adjusted returns will come from.

Lessons from the backyard on fiscal policy

Getting the balance correct between short-term relief checks and long-term infrastructure spending is critical.

CIO market outlook


CIO William Davies gives his current thoughts on the shape of the recovery, what impact different levels of stimulus and the speed of vaccination campaigns may have in Europe and the US, and which structural trends have been accelerated by the pandemic.

Asset Allocation Update – March 2021


At the end of last year, I reflected that you “gotta have faith in low discount rates” for risk assets, such as equities, to continue to perform well in 2021.

Threadneedle (Lux) Global Multi Asset Income Fund – Q&A update

Pensions Watch – November 2020

In this Q&A video, Maya Bhandari (Portfolio Manager) and Felicity Long (Client Portfolio Manager) discuss what 2020 has been like for the Threadneedle (Lux) Global Multi Asset Income Fund, the implications of Covid on both the performance and the asset allocation.

2021: gotta have faith – in low discount rates

It’s been a tumultuous 2020, but the year ahead will be different and we are positioning ourselves to get the best risk-adjusted returns over the next 12-18 months.

Video: 2021 investment outlook


Mark King, Head of Content for EMEA, is joined by a panel of our leading investors to talk about the outlook for economies and markets, as well as the themes, trends and events they expect to see in 2021. Featuring: William Davies, Chief Investment Officer EMEA and Global Head of Equities; Neil Robson, Head of Global Equities; Maya Bhandari, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager; and Alasdair Ross, Head of Investment Grade credit.

Covid-19 vaccines, lockdowns and equities

Research research research

With the Covid-19 case count rising rapidly across the United States and Europe, the immediate economic outlook associated with renewed lockdowns is turning darker.

What the US election means for markets… and what it doesn’t!

The election cycle will increase short-term volatility, but we don’t believe it will have much influence on market averages over the long term.