About us

Investing smarter for the world you want

At Columbia Threadneedle Investments, we offer investments to make a difference to your world, and the wider world. Millions of people rely on us to manage their money and invest for their future; together they entrust us with US $652 billion*.

We are Globally Connected

Our reach is expansive, with over 2,500 people* – including more than 650 investment specialists* – spanning the world. But for us, a global perspective is about more than numbers; it is about the smarter advantage we create when we bring our teams’ insights together. We’ve built our diverse expertise and on-the-ground knowledge into our investment processes and solutions, covering almost every asset class and market.

We are Intense about Research

We share a belief that original, independent research makes investment decisions smarter. We have over 200 research associates around the globe, and proprietary tools harnessing big data and next generation analytics. This allows us to turn information into forward-looking insights that can add real value to our investment decisions, enhancing our ability to help deliver good outcomes for our clients.

We have a Responsible Ethos

We think our Responsible Investment (RI) capabilities can help you contribute through your investments to shaping the future world you seek. This continually pushes us forward in how we seek to operate as a business in developing our in-depth RI research capability as support for portfolio construction.** As a responsible investor, partner, and citizen we’re building our RI capabilities needed to help you, our clients, achieve your financial goals while seeking to shape the world you want to live in.

We focus on Continuous Improvement

Markets don’t stand still and neither do we. Every day, we’re looking for opportunities to improve how we invest and what our clients experience – be it the independent oversight teams that ensure the robustness of our investment processes, the emphasis we place on developing our talent, or the innovative solutions that we offer. The world is continually changing, and with it our clients’ needs, which is why we are always evolving.

Whatever world you want, our purpose is to help you achieve it. 

*All correct as at 31 March 2024.

**Although RI research is made available to all portfolio managers, each portfolio management team within our firm makes its own investment decisions and certain teams may place more, less or no emphasis on such research in any given investment decision.