The advance of AI

Challenging investors in a post-Covid world

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related computing techniques have been spreading beyond their heartland in tech and internet companies to other industrial sectors for years. The Covid-19 crisis, however, has prompted a “massive acceleration” of the trend towards intelligent automation. All industries are now adopting AI – it is just a question of how quickly.

Here, a number of Columbia Threadneedle Investments experts, alongside business leaders and academics, explore the scope and implications of this rapidly emerging technological revolution.


Executive summary – The Advance of AI


Full report – The Advance of AI
Mark King, Head of Content for EMEA, and David M. Egan, Senior Analyst, Semiconductors and Head of Thought Leadership, Research discuss the development and take-up of AI, and implications for investors.
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Covid-19 ‘massively accelerates’ take-up of AI

Interview with David M. Egan, Senior Analyst, Semiconductors and Head of Thought Leadership, Research at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

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Winners take all in the AI revolution

Interview with Neil Robson, Head of Global Equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

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Augmenting, not replacing, human investment intelligence

Interview with James Waters, Senior Data Scientist at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

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Why AI will create new business leaders

Interview with Anand Rao, PwC’s Global AI Lead.

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AI’s leap forward, huge potential and undoubted limitations

Interview with Professor David Barber, Director of the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence, fellow of the Turing Institute.

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Case study: AI powers the spread of intelligent robotics – and defines its limits

Interview with Dr Ali Shafti, Senior Research Associate in Robotics and AI, at the Brain & Behaviour Lab, Imperial College London.

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